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We all care deeply about Jill and want to be supportive and help her and Mark as much as we can during the next few months.  Sometimes it is hard to know what to do, so we’ve come together to provide them with a few simple meals so that they will have healthy, satisfying food in their fridge and freezer. This page will allow me to share with you what I’ve prepared for them.


Jill and Mark wanted me to express their thanks to you for your love and support – Laine, Charlotte, Carol, Theresa, Linda, Teri, The Bunco Group, Kristina, Rebecca, Holli, Susan, Kathy, Robin, Jane and Donna.


3/23/13 – Sorry for the long delay between updates, I have been making soups for Jill, the last one I took up on Monday was a sweet Italian sausage and kale soup that she enjoys. She is as spunky as ever, but is struggling some with the side effects of the treatments.  We all need to keep her in our thoughts.



12/20/12 – Happy Holiday’s everyone! I delivered another pot of chicken soup to Jill today. She was busy baking cookies for Peter and Andrew.  I’m going to take a strata up on Saturday, that’s something she said sounded good to her. I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


12/5/12 – Jill’s appetite isn’t great this week, but she thought stewed chicken and vegetables sounded good and to spice things up a little for Mark I made Madras Curry.


11/25/12 – The cottage pie was a big hit, especially with Oliver who managed to help himself to one container!  This week I made a big pot of Turkey soup that I packaged in 8 containers for the week or for the freezer.

11/18/12 - Today I’m delivering a big batch of beef stew and a cottage pie to Jill and Mark.  Hopefully the pie will remind them of their time in England!


11/15/12 – I took up a big pot of chicken soup for Jill today, she has lost her appetite after this week’s treatment and hopefully this will be something she can eat.  She looks great and when I was there Mark and Oliver came home from Oliver’s check-up and he is doing much better, I know this is a big relief to both Mark and Jill.  They really enjoyed the beef stew, (Oliver too!) and have requested more, so I plan on cooking more this weekend.


11/3/12 – Jill said she was feeling pretty good this week and her appetite is strong so I thought I would prepare a Beef Stew, Manhattan Clam Chowder and a loaf of Whole Wheat Bread.  I’m made plenty and packaged it so they can freeze as much as they want.











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